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About Us


Africanmagic-tours is a locally based tour company with more than ten years of experience in the tourism industry in Tanzania. The company maintains unsurpassed quality in its services through compitent & well expirienced guides and drivers,whom maintain a professional licence from the directorate of tourism in Tanzania.We have guides,cooks,porters for the mountain together they can make you to feel your dreams and holiday nice more than,with hopefully to make you to reach to the Roof of Africa and for the Safaris too,all they have first aid experience,for us is very important.If you want,you can make a combination,everything is possible.

Biking Adventures
2 Wheels 2 Peaks
Biking tour around Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, 8 days
Day 1
After breakfast starting from Moshi, biking through Sugar farm, stop for picnic lunch, arriving HOT SPRING near Boma. Swimming in the afternoon, dinner/camping, total 55km.
Day 2
After morning walk and last swimming biking continues first to Boma, then Sanya juu, stop for picnic lunch, dinner/camping in Masai Village, total 47 km.
Day 3
After breakfast biking continues towards Arusha around Meru through Ngare Nanyuki, stop for picnic lunch, biking to Camel Camp for dinner/camping, total 63km.
Day 4
After breakfast biking continues through maasai area to the road 104 ,stop for picnic lunch, biking to Maasai Camp in Arusha for dinner/camping, total 48km.
Day 5
After breakfast biking continues on the other side of Mount Meru towards Sanya Juu , stop for picnic lunch, dinner/camping in a Maasai village around Sanya Juu, total 59km.
Day 6
After breakfast biking continues on the northern side of Kilimanjaro near Kenyan border, through Engare - Ol molog, stop for picnic lunch , biking to Kamwanga for dinner/camping, total 73km.
Day 7
After breakfast biking continues Tarakea - Kirongo - Himo - Marangu , stop for picnic lunch, dinner/camping near the waterfall, total 50km
Day 8
After breakfast biking to Moshi through Himo, picnic lunch on the way, total 45 km The tour is moderate, a few up hills, a lot of down hills, you can come closer to the people and local culture.

The biking tour includes:
A bike, 3 meals a day, camping equipments, camping fees and village fees, service car to follow, a cook, a guide. Everyone is responsible for their own water during the biking. It can be bought
on the way.

Price is 165$ per day per person

Weekend biking tours 2-3 days from Moshi about 45-55 km a day, tours are moderate to challenging

-Rau waterfall
  • -Lake Chala
  • -Lake Jipe
  • -Lake Nyumba ya Mungu
  • -Hot Springs
  • -Marangu waterfalls
      -Rau Waterfalls, monkey forest

Price is 90$ a day per person
Includes: bike, 3 meals, camping or accommodation in a local guesthouse, village and camping fees.

One day biking programs around Moshi
35$ per person.
Includes: bike, lunch, village fees, guide Africanmagic-tours can tailor made biking tours for your request also in the other areas in Tanzania.

After biking you can enjoy safaris in the national parks or have a relaxing beach holiday.

Day Trips
-Monkey forest & T.PC (easy), 30-35 k
-Coffee Shamba tour in Uru Village challenging Finishing up hills.point 3km)32km.
-Rau waterfalls (Challenging 5km )33km.
-Machame gate 9Challeging 4km )57km.
-Mweka Gage (Challenging 5km )58km.
After biking you can relax , swim ., trek and enjoy beautiful Lakes, Waterfall, hot springs and local culture , Camping for 1 night.

2 Days trip.
-Hot-spring in Boma at Chemka Village.
-Visiting Maasai boma (easy) 76km
-Marangu waterfalls and Chagga caves (easy) 92km
-Lake Chala (moderate) 100km
-Lake Jipe (moderate)
-Lake Nyumba ya Mungu (easy) 93km